Paris Beach Hotel in Phu Quoc

Paris Beach is a no-nonsense hotel on the island of Phu Quoc in the Gulf of Thailand just off the shore of Cambodia; however, it is Vietnamese. The bungalows are nestled in a garden setting.  The hotel is located on Long Beach, great for swimming and walking on the beach.  There are VIP rooms in the main building, some of which have wonderful views of the water.  

Breakfast is included. The restaurant has an amazing selection with Vietnamese fresh spring rolls and pizza being exceptionally good. People of adjacent hotels are drawn by the extensive menu especially the BBQ. While there is a large restaurant area most guests prefer to eat on the strip of tables and chairs that look out onto the Gulf. 

For those who do not want to lounge on the beach there is a very nice pool Staff is helpful. There is construction going on all around the hotel. Phu Quoc is growing by leaps and bound.  The construction noise in not much of a distraction and the workers are not using loud noise-making equipment.   For more information check